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The SquidHat COMPillection!

Image of The SquidHat COMPillection!

$40.00 - On Sale

There's no better way to sample the local flavor of a music scene than with a compilation album! Well, we've put out 3 great comps on vinyl in our short time in the world and now, for the first time, they are available as one collection at a ridiculous price!

For only $40 you get:

Desert Rats With Baseball Bats 2 (on green vinyl)
Desert Rats With Baseball Bats 3 (on yellow vinyl)
PunkSexy: A Las Vegas PunkRock Tribute to Prince (on purple vinyl)
SQUIDHAT '77 (on double gold vinyl)

That's 59 songs across four great collections ... all on vinyl ... all AWESOME.

While supplies last!