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Attack Ships On Fire - Double Down Saloon 45" Single


The legendary Double Down Saloon has locations in both Las Vegas (the original) and New York City. Known the world over as The Happiest place on Earth. Home of the original Bacon Martini and the infamous famous “Ass Juice.” Add in a jukebox full of punk, live music almost every night, and you’ve got quite simply the World’s Favorite Punk Rock Dive. Legendary punks, Attack Ships On Fire, penned the ultimate homage to the Double Down Saloon in their song of the same name. The original, a tribute to the Vegas location, is a true story of one band’s experience at the legendary club back in 2005. Now the NYC location gets the ASOF treatment just in time for their 10 year anniversary on March 5, 2016. This limited edition 45rpm single comes in oxblood vinyl, includes the original and new NYC versions of the song, and is the perfect soundtrack to a night of PBRs and Ass Juice shots!