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Bloodcocks UK - Hot Sushi - 10" VINYL


The oddest band in the land returns with their second album of B-movie, sex-crazed musical debauchery!

Not every album can be the Sgt. Pepper’s of its day. For every high-budget “classic album” that features virtuosos waxing poetically about boring nonsense, there has to be a few that scratch and claw their way into existence without the benefit of things like “budget” or “artistic merit.” Ah, but discerning music fans are able to simply appreciate them for what they are. The Bloodcocks UK return with another twisted collection of kitschy and catchy songs that worm their way into your brain and play in your ears like the soundtrack to a lusty, tripped out drive in movie. There are hungry zombie hookers, a 100 foot rat with a bad attitude, an amorous Frankenstein with a very specific sexual proclivity, and much more!

Available on limited edition white 10” vinyl … because who doesn’t need 10 inches?