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SQUIDHAT '77: A Las Vegas Punk Rock Tribute To 1977 - Vinyl


To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the greatest year in rock n roll history SquidHat Records is proud to release SQUIDHAT '77. This 22 track double LP (on limited edition gold vinyl) features Las Vegas' best punk bands paying tribute to the iconic songs that cemented arena rock, invented punk and changed music forever. From The Ramones to Fleetwood Mac to ELO and beyond, hear what the next generation of young musicians has to say about the songs and the year that defined our generation.


1. No Feelings by The Gashers
2. That’s Rock N Roll by The Heiz
3. Bad Reputation by The Civilians
4. Turn To Stone by Franks & Deans
5. We Are The Champions by Guilty By Association
6. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment by The Damnit Jims
7. Lust For Life by The Quitters
8. Pigs (Three Different Ones) by The Psyatics
9. The Chain by New Cold War
10. Sonic Reducer by Hard Pipe Hitters
11. Boredom by The Negative Nancys
12. Margaritaville by Rayner
13. Friction by The Scoundrels
14. Psycho Killer by The Dirty Panties
15. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll by Bloodcocks UK
16. The Imperial March by The Classifieds
17. Three Little Birds by Go Bold
18. Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad by The Pluralses
19. I Want You To Want Me by The New Waves
20. Warsaw by Unfair Fight
21. Brick House by SquidHat All-Stars
22. 1977 by The Civilians & Friends