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The CD Collection - Every CD from every SquidHat artist ... and more!

Image of The CD Collection - Every CD from every SquidHat artist ... and more!


Music doesn't have to suck and neither does your music collection! Now is your chance to have the entire SquidHat CD catalog for a ridiculously low price! This amazing collection includes CDs from:

The Dirty Panties - I Am A Robot
The Gashers - In Trust We Bleed
The Gashers - Law Is Not Order
Peccadilloes - Ten Years A Million Beers
The People's Whiskey
Pet Tigers
Guilty By Association - Coming Home
Guilty By Association - S/T
Bloodcocks UK - Planet Bloodock
Bloodcocks UK - Hot Sushi
Attack Ships On Fire - Vegas Soul
Desert Rats With Baseball Bats 1 Compilation
Sounds Of Threat - Creature Of Habit
Surrounded By Thieves - S/T
Surrounded By Thieves - Punk Rock Fight Songs EP
The Quitters - No Big Deal
The Quitters - Contributing To Erosion
The Quitters - Troubled Minds EP
Mercy Music - When I Die I'm Taking You With Me
False Cause - This Flag
The Vermin - Vermin Must Die
The Heiz - Promounced de Heiz
Franks & Deans - How Did You All Get In My Room
Franks & Deans - The Best You're Gonna Feel All Day
PunkSexy Prince Tribute
Subterfuge - A Beautiful Chaos
Self Abuse
The World Is Watching Compilation
Damnit Jims - Reaction EP
Damnit Jims - Never Die EP
Damnit Jims - Just Punk Enough
Amy Pate - Ages
The Venomous Pinks - We Do It Better - EP
SquidHat '77 Compilation
Negative Nancys - Sorry, Not Sorry
The New Waves - Volume II
All The Rage - Everything I Couldn't Tell You
Dirk Vermin & The Hostile Talent - Sweet Dreams (from the Gutter)

As well as stickers, buttons and the SquidHat Sampler! It's all the music you will ever need! Why? Because music doesn't have to suck!