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The SquidHat COMPillection (Vinyl)

Image of The SquidHat COMPillection (Vinyl)

$40.00 - On Sale

There's no better way to sample the local flavor of a music scene than with a compilation album! Well, we've put out 4 great comps on vinyl in our short time in the world and now, for the first time, they are available as one collection at a ridiculous price!

For only $60 you get:

Desert Rats With Baseball Bats 2 (on green vinyl)
Desert Rats With Baseball Bats 3 (on yellow vinyl)
PunkSexy: A Las Vegas PunkRock Tribute to Prince (on purple vinyl)
SQUIDHAT '77 (on double gold vinyl)

That's a metric ton of cool songs across four great collections ... all on vinyl ... all AWESOME.

While supplies last!