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The World Is Watching - CD


Whatever your world view it’s hard to argue that the current state of the world has made punk rock interesting again. We put out an open call to all bands, worldwide, asking for submissions for a compilation of anti ... well, anything. Anti-Trump, anti-government, anti-wall, anti-racism, anti-war, anti -gluten … it was their call. The response was overwhelming and the result is this 20 track compilation of great bands with something to say.


Skull Drug
Year Of The Fist
Kevin Kilfeather
The Adderalls
Happy Campers
False Cause
Silent Opposition
Ink Bomb
Kapital Punishment
Alan Six
Assassination Squad
William Neal
The Steady Electric
Bounty Hunter Brothers
The Damnit Jims
Candy Warpop
... and more!

Ships 12/1/17